This website is no longer updated...

This Website is no longer updated

Oups, this website is outdated! But Dialogue McGill has a new website!

Resources for Language Learners and Trainers

Resources for Language Learners

Congratulations on learning a new language. In order to encourage and support you in your efforts to maintain your new skills, we have provided some links to websites, tools and activities that you might find useful.

We also encourage teachers to browse here for ideas and class materials.

Resources for Language Trainers

This section of the website provides links to numerous tools and materials for teaching a language for professional purposes and is designed to support the trainers and training organizations associated with the project.

Self-study Workbooks

To encourage English language skills as part of the Language Training Program, Dialogue McGill has produced a series of 3 self-study workbooks for French-speaking personnel in targeted job positions: receptionists, triage nurses and psychosocial services providers.

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