Wellness Corner

The weekly DOM newsletter is rich with information highlighting news, events, awards, and other tidbits of information for our faculty. We added a “Wellness Corner” where Dr. Dayan, or another member of the Wellness Task Force will share information, resources, or enticing communications.

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Wellness Supports

PAMQ (Quebec Physicians’ Health Program)
1-800 387-4166
514 397-0888

Tel-Aide Montréal
(514) 935-1105

Individual Counseling Services

Quebec Order of Psychologists
A searchable database of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists in Quebec categorized according to the problem they treat, the geographical area they practice and the types of clients they serve.

Coaching Services

Increasingly, physicians consult with coaching to support professional development, career advancement, teaching/communication, and work-life integration. Coaching is often self-referred by those who are looking for support in any of these domains. Physicians may alternatively sometimes be encouraged to seek the advice and support of a coach due to complaints or professionalism issues.

Online Programs and Apps


A free app to train your mind to be more focused, calm, and resilient with easy-to-complete lessons and guided meditations that only take minutes a day.

Bounce Back (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy coaching)
1-800 387-4166

Topics include understanding and managing worry and stress, facing fears and overcoming avoidance, managing sleep problems. Modules can be self-guided or used with a coach


A collection of guided meditation exercises and sleep stories designed to reduce stress and promote sleep.

Insight Timer

Offers an extensive collection of guided meditations - on topics like self-compassion, nature, and stress, plus talks and podcasts.


Evidence-based strategies based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help manage anxiety.

CMA Wellness Hub

The Canadian Medical Association has developed a collation of resources for physician well-being. An ongoing lecture series on relevant topics in physician health are offered through the CMA, and a variety of highly rated professional development courses (in-person/online).

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