Professional Fulfillment Index Self Assessment Tool

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It is not uncommon for health care providers or academics to deprioritize or overlook their physical and emotional health while operating in “auto-pilot”. As a result, faculty may feel significantly unfulfilled with their work, depleted and burned out, simply having “no more to give”.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to “take your pulse” on a regular basis and remain aware of your evolving mental health states. Regular screenings leading to a clear identification of your fluctuating mental and emotional states can make a powerful contribution to prevention and timely intervention.

As such, we are pleased to offer you easy access to an electronic self-assessment tool, the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index (PFI) (English only).

The PFI is a 16-item validated survey designed for physicians that measures professional fulfillment (intrinsic positive reward derived from work) and burnout (work exhaustion and interpersonal disengagement).

Although the PFI has traditionally been used for research purposes, we are offering it as a tool for mental health “check-ins” and, therefore, have expanded it to include qualitative score interpretations alongside various curated and targeted resources to access, depending on where you find yourselves on the continuum of professional fulfillment and burnout.

Please note that no member of the DOM executive, including administrators and faculty, has access to individual scores. We will compile and summarize anonymized results once yearly.

We invite you to consider scheduling and creating reminders on your phone to complete the PFI! We also invite you to save your results every time on your personal devices, which will allow you to track your levels of professional fulfillment and burnout over time.

Although the PAMQ's counselling services are included in the recommended resources on the basis of your scores, we remain available to you throughout your medical training should you need support.

We hope the PFI will prove to be a useful tool in helping you safeguard your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I love working in the DOM
I am able to make time for self-care while fulfilling my duties in the DOM
Not At All Score = 0Very Little Score = 1Moderately Score = 2Very Much Score = 3Extremely Score = 4
I feel happy at work
I feel worthwhile at work
My work is satisfying to me
I feel in control when dealing with difficult problems at work
My work is meaningful to me
I'm contributing professionally (e.g. patient care, teaching, research, and leadership) in the ways I value most
During the past two weeks I have felt…
Not At All Score = 0Very Little Score = 1Moderately Score = 2Very Much Score = 3Extremely Score = 4
A sense of dread when I think about work I have to do
Physically exhausted at work
Lacking in enthusiasm at work
Emotionally exhausted at work 
During the past two weeks my job has contributed to me feeling…
Not At All Score = 0Very Little Score = 1Moderately Score = 2Very Much Score = 3Extremely Score = 4
Less empathetic with my patients
Less empathetic with my colleagues
Less sensitive to others' feelings/emotions
Less interested in talking with my patients
Less connected with my patients
Less connected with my colleagues
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