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Information for patients

The Mobile Outreach Clinic works with community groups and agencies on the island of Montreal to provide free dental care and to promote oral health education to vulnerable populations. Through our mobile clinics we provide basic dental care to over 300 patients per year.

The Mobile Clinic is a run by McGill dental students and volunteer dentists and support staff. Through partnerships with local community groups and agency, McGill University is able to go into community locations and set up an 8 chair dental clinic on several occasions throughout the academic year.

The clinic is made possible entirely through philanthropic support from our donors and fundraising events (Run for Outreach, Outreach Gala). 


Treatments offered

  • Examinations
  • Radiographs
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Extractions

Please note that we do not offer emergency treatments or root canals.

For dental emergencies please consult the Emergency Treatment page

For root canals please contact the McGill University Undergraduate Teaching Clinic


Becoming a Patient

In order to become a patient you need to call one of our partner agencies [link to below partner agencies] and must be referred by them.

People with private dental insurance, or receiving social assistance or covered by medicare (RAMQ) are not covered in our clinic. Most patients who receive social assistance can obtain basic dental care in a private dental office at no cost. If you already have coverage but cannot find a dentist, please go to the Quebec Order of Dentists website where you can search for a dentist in your area.

Please note that depending on when and where you apply, it could take as long as one year to become a patient.

If you are not accepted by one of our agencies, we invite you to apply to become a patient of the McGill University Undergraduate Teaching Clinic.


Partner Agencies

Our Partner Agencies Population Served Contact

Le Boulot Vers (host center)


Stéphanie Paquin coordintervention [at]

Famijeunes (host center)


Corine Belanger corinebelanger [at]

Mile End Mission (host center)

All disadvantaged

Linda (Lou) Hachey Director lou.hachey [at]
Emanuel Kolyvas ekolyvas [at]

PRAIDA (host center)


Jessica Salvara jessica.salvara.ccomtl [at] 
(514) 731-1386 poste 2101

Share the Warmth (host center)

All disadvantaged

Emma Tilquin emmatilquin [at]

Sun Youth (host center)

All disadvantaged - Central

Eric Kingsley eric [at]

Tyndale St George Center (host center)

All disadvantaged

Darnell Jones darnelljones [at]

Referring Centers 

Chez Doris (referring center)

Women in difficulty


Madame Prend Congé (referring center)

Women in difficulty

Natalie Monique Dupuis
mpc-natmon [at]">mpc-natmon [at]

Boys and Girls Club (referring center)


Mark Branch mark [at]


Cancellation policy

Each partner agency has their own cancellation policy. Please check with your community agency to learn their cancellation policy.


Contact Information


Dr. Yu Kwong Li, Mobile Dental Clinic Director

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