Students' Table Clinics


Ballrooms Ambassadeur A and B, Holiday Inn, 420, Sherbrooke St. West, CA

You are cordially invited to attend the 2013 Students' Table Clinics.

Your participation in this stimulating day and evening benefits both you and the students.  Our students take great pride in sharing their work and enthusiasm with you and have shown in the past how creative they can be.  We encourage you to participate in this program to support our efforts as a dental faculty, and to learn of exciting new developments in dentistry, both at the levels of clinical and basic science.  You will be able to interact directly with the undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the residents.

A table clinic is a table top demonstration and a brief oral presentation in an area of clinical application and techniques or research. The table clinic exercise is a student-centered learning activity, with the support of a faculty advisor. Topics are usually of Continuing Education interest to clinicians. Students must thoroughly research their topic through literature searches, conduct a research project and present their results and conclusions.