2D-CrystaLab selected for Centech Propulstion Program

Dr. Ashwaq Al-Hashedi has had another success getting her company 2D CrystaLab off the ground. Following the success with the McGill X1 Accelerator program the company was recently selected for the Centech Propulsion Program, a program sponsored and organized by ETS and other industrial supporters. Dr. Al-Hashedi, postdoctoral student in the Faculty, was one of ten companies that was selected for the propulsion program. Her company placed first in the competition. The program allows entrepreneurs to focus on their project by taking advantage of existing partnership agreements. They also offer a network of mentors, advisers and experts, and workspace among other types of supports for young companies. 2D-CrystaLab will be part of the incubator program for two years. Projects like this strengthen McGill’s goal to foster an atmosphere of innovation. 2D-CrystaLab is the fruit of seven years of research work. Dr. Al-Hashedi’s company manufactures a professional nanocrystal gel (2D-Implantcare) specifically designed for cleaning dental implants. While working in Dr. Faleh Tamimi’s lab (Tamimi is a co-founder for the company) Dr. Al-Hashedi collaborated with labs and Harvard University and the Université de Montréal to create her product. The nanocrystal gel is bio-compatible, abrasive- and fluoride-free and prevents scratching delicate metal surfaces like Titanium. The toothpaste is developed from a new nano-crystalline material that has not been made before because it requires a special synthesis and manufacturing process, which enables these crystals and ions to form a gel. This work is protected by a patent application and has been published in the journal Nano Letters. For more information on 2D-CrystaLab For more information on Centech Propulsion Program

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