Corporate Dentistry: Friend or Foe - An Event to Remember

90 alumni from across the generations filled the room to attend the Alumni Networking Event ‘Corporate Dentistry: Friend or Foe?’. The aim of the event was to help demystify corporate dentistry and bring alumni together to talk about the hot topic. The Faculty invited panel members Dr. Doug Hamilton, DDS'81, Dentist, Owner of Westmount Dental Care, Dr. George Christodoulou, co- CEO of Altima Dental Canada, Inc. and Graham Rosenberg, CEO, dentalcorp, and expert Mr. Tim Brown, President, CEO, and Broker of Record, ROI Corporation to discuss, help define, and investigate the role of corporate dentistry. The evening began with a cocktail and continued with an engaging and spirited discussion about corporate dentistry. The discussion highlighted the complexity that clinicians face today in their practice. Previously, a clinician would hang a shingle/sign outside of his office and patients would walk in for treatment. Today this is no longer the reality, especially in metropolitan centres. The intricacies of running a private practice are exciting for some and inhibiting for others. This is the second Alumni Networking event hosted by the Faculty. These events aim at discussing issues in dental practice management, to bring our alumni together with experts in the field and talk about best practices. A special thank you to all those that came out to participate, to Faculty Advisory Board members Drs. Anthony Iannella and Anthony Seminara for moderating the event, and event sponsor Dentalcorp.Did you attend the evening? The discussion was lively and led to many questions, some unanswered.  . For this reason, the Faculty is thinking of hosting a second event to continue the discussion. We welcome your feedback by contacting carol.dsouza [at] (Carol D’Souza). Click here to see more photos from the event.

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