Two new inductees added to the Hall of Honour

On Thursday, May 18th the Faculty celebrated the reinauguration of the Hall of Honour with the unveiling of two new inductees. Dr. Ernie Ambrose and Dr. James P. Lund were inducted into the Hall of Honour and will forever be remembered for the significant contributions they made to the welfare and advancement of the Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Ernie Ambrose was nominated and endorsed by many alumni for the dedication, commitment and influence he had on every student that crossed his path.

“He had a real talent for teaching operative skills, but he had even a greater calling to stimulate his students to seek and achieve the best in their profession.” – DDS ‘66 “The most important thing that Dr. Ambrose taught us was that there is a person at the end of that tooth.” –DDS ‘66 “He not only gave us a sense of ethics in dental practice but also encouraged an ethical philosophy in the conduct of our personal lives. He wanted us to not only be caring dentists, but decent human beings as well. Due to Dr. Ambrose's influence many of us contributed to our profession on many different levels.” – DDS ‘66

Dr. James P. Lund was nominated and endorsed by faculty members and academic staff for his incredible dedication to the Faculty, the influence he had on saving and transforming the Faculty to be amongst the very best in the world and for his many accomplishments.

“Dr. Lund had vigor, creativity, warmth, visions and many accomplishments. Dr. Lund was our voice. He ensured that, however small the faculty was, we were heard at the ‘table’. Through his many efforts, he brought increased recognition of the importance of Dentistry at McGill, and oral health in the community.” - Nominator

Dr. Lund was a champion of interdisciplinary research, he published about 190 articles and book chapters and played a leading role in the establishment of several multidisciplinary centres at McGill, including the Centre for Bone and Periodontal Research, the Centre for Biorecognition and Biosensors, and the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain. This reinauguration comes after the hall became ‘dormant’ for a few years, initially while there were renovation in the space where the hall was located in Strathcona and then when the Faculty moved to its new site. Now located in the corridor that leads from the clinic to the pre-clinical lab the hall has the most traffic of anywhere in the whole facility. Created in 1969, the hall now remembers 26 people who have made truly exceptional contributions to the Faculty over an extended period of time. The event, held in the James P. Lund classroom, was well attended by family members, alumni, faculty, students and staff.

Dr. Andrew Toeman speaks about Dr. Ernie Ambrose
Susan Ambrose, Dr. Ernie Ambrose's daughter, speaks of her fathers legacy.
Janet, Linda and Susan Ambrose unveil Dr. Ernie Ambrose's photo.
Dr. Marc McKee speaks of the accomplishments of Dr. Jim Lund.
Dr. Jocelyne Feine, Dr. Lund's widow, shares stories with the crowd.
The Ambrose sisters with some Class of '66 alumni
The Lund family (from L-R) Dr. Lund's grandson Mihai, daughters Kathrine and Michelle, Jocelyne Feine, first wife Margaret Brown and son-in law Joey Caucci

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