2022 Celebration Staff Milestone Years

One of the Faculty of Dentistry's greatest strengths remains its faculty and staff - through their dedication, passion, and willingness to give back, they continue to inspire members in the Faculty and at large. This year, the Faculty wishes to celebrate the service milestone years of staff members that have been with us for 15 years and more, in addition to expressing our best wishes to those retiring.


15 years

Ji Zhang - Associate Professor (Clinical)

Howard Stephen Libenson - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Myrna Naman - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Thi Binh Minh Nguyen - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Nafiseh Shahidi - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Suzana Kafadar de Rodriguez - Director, Administration and Finance


20 years

Eugenia Angelopoulos - Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator

Marie-Claude Loignon - Admissions and Recruitment Officer

Emilia Cruz Espiritu - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Hilal Sirhan - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Ana Miriam Velly - Associate Professor (Clinical)


25 years

Julia Pompura - Associate Professor (Clinical)


30 years

Yu Kwong Li - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Paul Lieberman - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Raffaele Notarmaso - Infection Control Technician


35 years

Mary Farmus - Secretary


Celebrating Retirees 2022

Gulzhakhan G Sadvakassova - Research Assistant (Clinical)

Carol D'Souza - Administrative Coordinator

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