Celebrating Staff Milestone Years

One of the Faculty of Dentistry's greatest strengths remains its faculty and staff - through their dedication, passion, and willingness to give back, they continue to inspire members in the Faculty and at large. This year, the Faculty wishes to celebrate the service milestone years of staff members that have been with us for 15 years and more, in addition to expressing our best wishes to those retiring.

35 Years of Service

Dr. Stephen Miller

30 Years of Service

Lina Naso

25 Years of Service

Dr. Jeffrey Myers
Dr. Michael Wiseman

20 Years of Service

Patricia Bassett
Chantal Duperron
Dr. Ghassan Hassan El-Onsi
Dr. Mari Tuulia Kaartinen
Dr. Levon Kichian
Dr. Taras Konacec
Dr. Fredrick Muroff

15 Years of Service

Dr. Samer Abi-Nader
Romantha Descartes
Carol D'Souza
Dr. Michel El-Hakim
Dr. Deborah Iera
Dr. Svetlana Komarova
Anne-Marie Leduc
Dr. Orly Levy
Dr. Bernard Mayantz
Dr. Simon Tran

Retirement Celebration

Dr. Michael Auerbach
Dr. Avrum Brenner
Rosemary Cooke
Dr. Robert David
Dr. Laura Devreeze
Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey
Dr. Donald Tayler
Susan Young

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