2023 Celebration Staff Milestone Years

One of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences' greatest strengths remains its faculty members and staff. The Faculty wishes to celebrate the service milestone years of staff members that have been with us for 15 years and more, in addition to expressing our best wishes to those who retired in 2023.


15 years

Nathalie Morin - Associate Professor (Clinical)

Karim Chalaby - Faculty Lecturer (Clinical)

Frances Power - Assistant Professor

Nancy Cheong - Program Administrator

Marlene Balena - Finance Administrator


20 years

Robert Dorion - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Isabelle Chevrier - Dental Assistant

Nancy Scholefield - Secretary 


25 years

Marc McKee - Professor

Veronique Benhamou - Associate Professor (Clinical)


35 years

Lorne Wiseman - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Anne-Marie Plante - Dental Assistant


40 years

Earl Karanofsky - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Aaron Dudkiewicz - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Myron Stein - Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Melvin Schwartz - Assistant Professor (Clinical)


2023 Retirees

Lina Naso - Research Technician

Cathy Rosenzweig - Dental Hygienist

Patricia Bassett - Student Affairs Officer

Nancy Schofield - Accounting Clerk/Secretary

Chantal Desjardins - Program Officer

Michael E. Silver - Faculty Lecturer

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