2014 Faculty Service Awards Presented

The following faculty and staff members were honoured for their years of service in the McGill community at our annual Christmas Dinner.


15 Years of Service Patricia Bassett – Student Affairs Officer Chantal Duperron – Dental Assistant Ghassan Hassan El-Onsi – Faculty Lecturer Mari Kaartinen – Associate Professor Levon Kichian – Faculty Lecturer Taras Konanec – Faculty Lecturer 20 Years of Service Jeffrey Myers – Associate Professor Catherine Linda Wiltshire – Assistant Professor Michael Wiseman - Assistant Professor


25 Years of Service Lina Naso – Research Technician Gerald A Sohmer - Faculty Lecturer 30 Years of Service Stephen Miller – Associate Professor 35 Years of Service J Richard Emery – Associate Professor 40 Years of Service Harvey Lawrence Levitt – Associate Professor


50 Years of Service Mortimer Shizgal – Assistant Professor


Patricia Bassett accepts her award for 15 years of service
Dr. Ghassan El-Onsi receives his award for 15 years of service
Dr. Taras Konanec receives his award for 15 years of service
Dr. Jeffrey Myers accepts his award for 20 years of service
Dr. Michael Wiseman accepts his award for 20 year of service


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