18th Annual White Coat Ceremony

On September 11, third year students received their white coats from fourth year students, recognizing their passage from the classroom to the clinic.

The White Coat Ceremony is one of the most important events in our students' passage through McGill, and remains our most cherished ceremony. It marks the transition of third year students from the classroom to the clinic, as they receive their official white coats from their fourth year peers.

Highlights from this year's ceremony include speeches from Dean Emami and Associate Dean Abi-Nader, DMD class presidents Thien Vuong and Kijoo Kim, in addition to words from guest speaker Dr. Élise Bertrand, who is a dental consultant with the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux. The ceremony was also an occasion to celebrate the success of our students, and recognize their dedication to dentistry with various awards for student excellence. "We are privileged," Dean Emami noted, "to have McGill faculty, staff, alumni, and brilliant students who have built an impressive record of success and a legacy of excellence in dental education, community service, and research."

DMD class president Thien Vuong also had heartfelt words to share, among many thank yous and words of encouragement:

"Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart all of our friends and family. Whether they are here with us tonight, could not be present or are watching over us from above, I say thank you for your continuous dedication and your irreplaceable love. You are the ones who helped us to pick up the pieces of what formed us today and to shape us into the outcome of what you always claim to be so proud of. May I say that there is no better feeling than being the reason you are proud. So I say, we will always work hard to live up to your encouragements and we recognize that there is no end to the sacrifices you make for us and for that, we are wearing our white coats to honour you."

Be sure to look at all the photos from this year's White Coat Ceremony. 


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