Welcome to the new facility!

We only get one chance to make a first impression, to make our patients comfortable and set the tone for the quality of services they will receive. In our new home, our reception area does just that. Clean, welcoming and professional, patients are ushered into the McGill Undergraduate Teaching Clinic with a positive feeling. And there are a lot. Last year the reception area tended to almost 3000 patients, coming in for a total of 12 000 appointments. Throughout the academic year DMD IV students had 1208 patients under their care, while their counterparts in DMD III had 648. The Summer Clinic saw another 1032 patients in the month of July. The receptionists are the heart of the operations; they keep everything running smoothly and in a timely manner. They welcome and process between 60 and 90 patients per day. In addition to regular patients, there are also 6 patients that come in daily for an oral diagnosis screening. But they don’t just deal face to face with patients. The receptionists are also there to take phone calls often from people looking to become a patient, or from insurance companies, or from local health care centres trying to refer patients. They also accept deliveries and process lab work and payments. But most of all, the receptionist are there for the students: to make their lives easier and to help them in any way they can. And they do a great job! Other highlights of the reception area: The reception area is actually in two areas: The main reception area is on the ground level and the 201 reception area is on the second floor. There are 4 full time staff. The reception area is also home to our donor walls:

  • On the main floor we find the “Major Donor Wall” for donors whom have given $50 000 or more.
  • The staircase leading up to the clinic is reserved for donors that have given between $10 000 and $49 999.
  • The second floor reception desk is where our annual donors are recognised for their donations of between $2 500 and $10 000.


Reception area. Photo credit: Ioana Dumitru
Reception area and major donor wall. Photo credit: Ioana Dumitru
Second floor reception. Photo credit: Ioana Dumitru
Donor wall. Photo credit: Ioana Dumitru




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