Dr. Francois Seng award Howard S. Katz Award for Excellence in Teaching

At this year’s Health Sciences Spring Convocation, Dr. Meng Francois Seng was awarded the Dr. Howard S. Katz Award for Excellence in Teaching. Bestowed by the Principal, the award recognises amongst other things involvement with course development or improvement, ability to act as a role model for personal and professional development of students, and ability to engage and motivate students.

“It is such an immense privilege to be selected as the recipient of the prestigious Katz Award,” says Dr. Seng. “Being selected is an honour on so many levels. Being recognised by my peers, which includes past recipients and my own teachers and mentors for my work and contributions to the Faculty is very meaningful. I feel humbled to have my name next to theirs. This is definitely a recognition that I will cherish and remember for a long time.”

Dr. Seng was a deserving candidate of this year’s award. Never has the selection committee seen so many positive superlatives used in student evaluations to describe a teacher. Dr. Seng began teaching in the Faculty seven years ago and has dedicated himself to student success and development since. “I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to return to teach in the Faculty, and looking back at my time at McGill as a student I am nostalgic to remember how my teachers and the staff played a key role in my personal and professional development.” As a prosthodontist in the Restorative Dentistry Division Dr. Seng has also been awarded the Dental Student Society Award for Teaching twice previously, in 2015 and 2017.

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