Empowering Dentists: The Faculty's Vision for Lifelong Dental Education

As research, technology, and innovation continuously shape the field of dental medicine, the significance of Continuing Dental Education takes center stage

The Continuing Dental Education (CDE) program in the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences serves as a helpful source of knowledge, guiding dental professionals through this ever-changing landscape. We sat down with Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen, the new Director of the program, to delve into his vision, the comprehensive learning opportunities offered by the program, and the exciting prospects that lie ahead as McGill CDE solidifies its reputation as a distinguished hub for world-class dental education.

Dental medicine is a lifelong journey

Dentistry is a dynamic field where knowledge evolves incessantly, driven by new research, technologies, and techniques. The importance of continuing dental education cannot be understated, as it ensures that dental professionals remain at the forefront of advancements and best practices. Ongoing education empowers dentists to offer the best patient care, incorporating the latest diagnostic tools, treatment modalities, and infection control measures. From innovative materials for restorations to cutting-edge approaches in orthodontics and periodontics, lifelong learning through continuing education enriches both clinical expertise and patient outcomes.

Comprehensive learning opportunities

The McGill CDE program provides a wide range of learning opportunities, including dynamic weekly livestream courses, immersive travel and learn experiences, dental practice management, hands-on workshops, mentorship, and even specialized training in forensic dentistry.

The CDE Program stands out by bridging the gap between traditional education and ongoing learning, allowing dental practitioners to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of dentistry. Amid the abundance of continuing education courses spanning dental companies, private institutes, industry conferences, and the digital realm of social media, our aim is to establish ourselves as the foremost trusted resource for dental education for the McGill community. We are lucky to have access to world renowned speakers and key opinion leaders within our faculty and alumni network. Our program is rooted in McGill's values and tailored to the needs of our vibrant community.

Guiding the program forward

As the new Director of McGill Continuing Dental Education, my role is to oversee the planning, development, and execution. I am committed to build on the program's success, ensuring that our courses are up-to-date and relevant to the clinical practitioners. I want to prioritize knowledge that can be directly applied to enhance clinical expertise and patient outcomes.

Future aspirations

Looking ahead, I envision a broader range of travel and learning opportunities, a strategic development of courses that address the needs of both dentists and the entire dental team, and an intensified focus on cultivating study clubs and clinical mentorship initiatives. Collaborations with top universities worldwide are also on the horizon, enabling direct access to influential key opinion leaders. My ambition extends beyond making Montreal as a preferred destination for renowned dental speakers; I want to firmly solidify McGill's reputation as a distinguished hub for world-class continuing education.

Young alumni and McGill CDE

To young alumni, I would emphasize the invaluable role that Continuing Dental Education plays in your professional journey. Dental medicine is a dynamic field, and staying current is not just a choice but a necessity. Your time in dental school is short compared to your career. As knowledge changes constantly, the way you approach dentistry will transform over a career spanning two, three, or even four decades. Engaging in CDE will allow you to build upon your foundational education, explore new horizons, and refine your skills to provide the best possible care for your patients. It's a strategic investment in your professional journey, fostering career growth and mastery. The McGill CDE program is committed in supporting you at every step of the way.

Full steam ahead!

The McGill CDE Program has an exciting lineup of events on the horizon. Look out for upcoming conferences on digital technologies, interdisciplinary collaborations, and ground-breaking techniques. We are especially excited for our third Tremblant Ski&Learn Symposium on implant complications, and our Wellness Retreat at the SPA Eastman. These events promise thought-provoking insights from leaders, practitioners, and researchers, shaping the future of dental medicine. For more information on all of our courses and events, I encourage you to explore our website at mcgillcde.ca.

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