Summer Research Projects

Summer Research Scholarships for Dental Students - 2020

APPROXIMATELY 6 RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIPS are available to support basic science, and clinical and public health research projects carried out in the summer by McGill undergraduate dental students currently in Dent-P, Dent-1 or Dent-2.   

Students wishing to participate in this program must submit an application. All McGill undergraduate summer research dental students (including Dent-P) doing original research (i.e. not literature reviews) will present posters at the Annual Dentistry Research Day (usually held in April).  As a requirement, students must deliver a poster presentation of their summer research at this event.  Abstracts and posters will be judged for the Hinman Prize which covers expenses to attend and present their work at the Hinman Student Research Symposium held in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and a second-place prize awarded by the Faculty of Dentistry.

To be in this program and to qualify for this award, the research work must be completed under the supervision of a full-time or a part-time academic staff member of McGill University, preferably associated with the Faculty of Dentistry. At the end of the summer, students should begin preparing their summary abstract and poster presentation that describes the results of their summer research – for their April poster presentation. Professors and/or graduate student/postdoc supervisors are encouraged to attend the presentation events in support of the student and the research work.


8 weeks (thus, generally targeted to Dent-P, 1st and 2nd yr students where this 8-wk period of time is available in July and August).


To be determined (approx. $1,000per mo.)


The application form is included here. Send the completed and signed forms by email to:

Ann Samson
Email: research2.dentistry [at]




Please return the completed applications to Mrs. Samson no later than Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Should there be more applicants than positions we can fund, submissions will be evaluated competitively and ranked. Applicants will be informed of the decision a few weeks after the submission deadline.

Only one application per student is allowedSupervisors may submit multiple applications, but if the competition is oversubscribed (which it usually is), supervisors are eligible for only one student and may be asked to choose.


  1. Locate a Professor willing to serve as your research supervisor for the summer, perhaps initially after reviewing their research interests at our website. There are no restrictions concerning the nature of the research to be carried out or the site where it is to be done but the supervisor should be a full-time or part-time staff member of McGill University, preferably affiliated with the Faculty of Dentistry.
  2. Discuss with the professor projects that could be done over 8 weeks of the summer.  After you have identified and agreed upon a research area with your supervisor, fill out the application form with an appropriate title and brief description of proposed research, and sign and date the application. You will also need to get the signature of your supervisor.
  3. A second page may be added describing any additional information about yourself or the proposed research project that you feel would be of interest in the evaluation of your application.  Please let us know if you have had any previous research experience, if you have been an author or co-author on any published abstracts and/or scientific papers, etc.
  4.  Return the completed and signed application form by May 13 to:

Ann Samson
Email: research2.dentistry [at]


If the program has more applications than it can fund (which is usually the case), decisions will be made based on factors such as cGPA, experience in research, comments from the supervisor, the nature of the project and the training environment, and the availability of funds from the Faculty and from the supervisor.

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