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Data Science suggests that Shakespeare may have had a famous co-author on three of his plays

Published: 1Nov2016

The title page of the new Oxford edition of Shakespeare's three Henry VI plays will, for the first time ever, include the words "by William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe". Most people have...

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM join forces to set guidelines on future Artificial Intelligence research

Published: 3Oct2016

The end of September saw the formation of a new team of rivals: the Partnership on AI, whose motto is "to benefit people and society". The partnership includes tech giants Amazon, Google and its...

A Globe and Mail article looks at how Big Data might help university students graduate

Published: 21Sep2016

Last Friday's edition of The Globe and Mail newspaper included a story on how predictive analytics might help decrease university drop-out rates. Several Data Science companies, including  IBM’s...

A new book reveals the hidden biases that can creep into Data Science models

Published: 7Sep2016

Yesterday (September 6, 2016) saw the launch of a new book by Cathy O'Neil with the provactive title Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy. O'Neil...

FindFace: a database for human faces with some unsettling applications

Published: 25Aug2016

The August 24 episode of "Babbage", a podcast from The Economist about science and technology news, reports on an worrisome new Russian web-site, This website allows you to input a...

A new research trend? DARPA wants to fund XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence)

Published: 18Aug2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more integrated in our daily lives: AI agents might decide if you get a bank loan, or if your job application will ever reach human eyes. Not...

Using Machine Learning to Find the Next Cyber-Threat

Published: 10Aug2016

There is a dark corner of the Internet where hackers sell their software. The process unfolds in three steps.

Genetic Causes of Depression Found Using Big Data

Published: 10Aug2016

What causes depression? Of course, life circumstances such as traumatic events, severe stress or grief play a role, but heredity studies have shown that a genetic predisposition to depression is...

The New Spam: Machine learning can be used to write human-like tweets

Published: 5Aug2016

Phishing messages typically get 5-10% response rates, but a new system has boosted its rate to 40%. John Seymour and Phil Tully, two data scientists from the security company ZeroFOX, presented...