To learn more about some of the different types of research being done in the CRRD, view the videos below in which members discuss their research projects.

Desiging a new generation of green plasticizers.

Investigating the role of the brain and the pituitary gland in regulating ovarian and testicular function.

Development of the female germ cell.

Molecular determinants of granulosa cell functions: understanding the mechanisms regulating female fertility.

Investigating the impact of toxic chemical exposures on future generations: The path towards a safer tomorrow.

Ecotoxicology: the effects of environmental contaminants on the ecosystem.

Genetic regulation of morphogenesis.

A Conversation with sperm-producing stem cells.

Studying sperm.

Investigating epithelial cells and epithelial cell layers during embryonic development.

Investigating how folicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is produced.

Investigating the genetics of recurrent molar pregnancies.

Investigating the factors that affect the reproductive success of cows.

Developing a bioinformatics pipeline for sperm epigenome analysis.

Impaired TRH action in IGSF1-deficiency syndrome.

To learn more about the Centre in general, please view the following video in which CRRD members give an overview.​


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