Sports Logging: She'd never touched an axe before coming to McGill University

Published: 2 October 2023

Even though she grew up on a farm, Stéphanie Naud had never touched an axe or saw before studying at McGill's Mac campus. As a natural athlete who loved the outdoors and working with her hands, when she heard about our unique inter-university lumberjack club, she was intrigued, she recently told Le journal de Montréal. 

After graduating from McGill's Farm Management & Technology Program, she went on to earn a bachelor's degree in agro-economics and a master's degree in animal science, spending nine years on campus. After five years as an athlete, she went on to coach McGill's lumberjack team.

Sport logging is serious business. The 28-year-old from the Eastern Townships doesn't just practice with an axe and a saw, she follows a complete program with the aim of maintaining good cardio and excellent fitness.

With her busy schedule, the now-farm-management-consultant has to be disciplined to find the time to train. In addition to her full-time job, she grows hay and helps her boyfriend on his dairy farm.

Read the profile of Stéphanie Naud in Le journal de Montréal (in French)

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