New Hydro-Quebec CEO Michael Sabia lacks energy background, but is skilled at leading transformations

Published: 7 June 2023

Michael Sabia will be the next head of Hydro-Quebec, and some have criticized this decision. Sabia’s most recent position is Deputy Minister of Finance at the federal level, and he lacks a background in the energy sector. But the energy sector is undergoing a major shift toward renewable energy, and Sabia is highly skilled at leading companies through change, says Prof. Karl Moore. That matters too. “Hydro-Québec is on the verge of a transformation. How do you transform the company and how do you develop an appropriate strategy? Those are things that Sabia is very good at,” said Moore to the Montreal Gazette. “Sabia is a brilliant mind, with the humility to understand that as CEO, there are areas in which others are more competent. To my mind, it’s a great match. He has things to learn, but he has some great people to teach him.”

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