Chevalier: Low muscle mass associated with cognitive decline in seniors

Published: 20 July 2022

Stéphanie Chevalier, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the School of Human Nutrition, directed the team of researchers who have revealed an association between low muscle mass and accelerated cognitive decline in older adults.

This association is independent of factors such as muscle strength and level of physical activity. It would therefore seem that it is the muscle mass itself that is at stake, and that it is not a marker of more active seniors or having better lifestyle habits.

"Using a measurement at the start and a measurement three years later, we see an overall cognitive decline (in the subjects)," said Chevalier, a member of the Research Program in Metabolic Disorders and their Complications at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre.

Read the full article (in French) in Le Devoir.

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