Neurodivergent Students Support Group

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 13:30toWednesday, April 3, 2024 14:30
Healthy Living Annex-Room 3100 (Brown Student Services), 3600 McTavish, CA
Neurodivergent Students Support Group

IMPORTANT: Please read the description below before signing up for this group. If you are on the waitlist, an administrator will contact you to confirm whether you can attend.

This is a support group for neurodivergent students who are seeking support to navigate alternative learning methods and develop the confidence and communication skills to help navigate interpersonal relationships, including interactions with professors & teaching/academic aides. Neurodivergent students include, for instance, students who believe they may fall within the spectrum of neurodiverse learning styles such as having attention deficits, hyperactivity, hyperfocus, learning disabilities, or being on the autism spectrum. Participants of this group will have the opportunity to share mutual experiences, challenges, and tips on navigating academic and personal wellness at McGill.

*Please note that we will NOT be offering assessments or diagnoses for ADHD/ADD/ASD/LDs.


Participants will meet weekly for 10 weeks. Group size is limited to 8 participants for the 10 week period.

Each 60-minute session (1:30pm to 2:30pm) will begin with a check-in, then move on to a discussion around the theme of the day, and will finish with time for questions and identifying key takeaways from the session.

Each week will focus on a different theme:

January 24th: Introductions, ground rules, expectations, goals, the meaning of neurodivergence to each, and sharing stories.

January 31st: Navigating academic life, the educational system, residence, and Montreal

February 7th: "Adulting" and transitions

February 14th: Relationships, connection, sexuality

February 21st: Relationships cont'd

February 28th: Relationships cont'd

March 6th: No session - Reading Week

March 13th:Stress management, resources, when to ask for help

March 20th:Strengths, creativity

March 27th:Diagnosis, medication, management

April 3rd:Wrap up and feedback from participants

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