Movies for Mental Health (Supportive Communities for Survivors)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 18:00to20:00
Online, CA
Movies for Mental Health (Supportive Communities for Survivors)

As part of the annual #ConsentMcGill campaign, Movies for Mental Health is a free, 2-hour virtual workshop, open to Students, Educators and Community Members, that uses the power of film to unite folks in community, connection, and conversation.

This stream in particular focuses on mental health impacts of sexual violence on both individuals and communities, with the goal of creating more supportive communities for survivors.

This interactive, online experience will feature an anonymous, chat-based discussion on mental health, sexual violence, the stigma that frequently surrounds these issues, and media portrayals of both sexual violence and mental health.

Following this will be a live screening of three award-winning short films, therapeutic activities to consciously connect minds and bodies, and a collective exploration around what the work means for us as individuals.

The event will culminate in a panel of lived-experience speakers and mental health resources for survivors, empowering us to share our own stories, access support available to us, and offer support to our friends, family, and peers.

Join us on September 22 from 6-8p.m. EST and see how short film has the power to increase understanding around these very important topics and build compassion for people impacted by sexual violence.

Accessibility: closed captioning will not be available during the workshop in terms of facilitator speech, but all of the main discussion prompts are written on the slides and will be typed in the chat box, and the chat box itself where participants discuss is text-based. The films have CC available. There will also be a mental health professional available for one-on-one text-based chat support if needed, and crisis phone line information will also be accessible at all times throughout the workshop. If you have any other access needs that are not listed here or any questions, please email Amy at amy [at] artwithimpact.org

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