Leading Sustainable Projects at McGill


 Leading Sustainable Projects at McGill

Receive CCR recognition for each workshop offered by the McGill Office of Sustainability! Eligible events include Sustainability at McGill 101McGill’s Climate and Sustainability StrategyClimate Action at McGill, and Leading Sustainable Projects at McGill.


Do you have an idea for social or environmental change, but aren't sure how exactly to make it happen? Project management skills are the superpowers to turning an idea into reality. In this one hour workshop, participants will learn basic tools to start their own sustainability initiatives.

The Sustainability Projects Fund builds a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses through the development and seed-funding of interdisciplinary projects. It creates opportunities for the McGill community to actively engage in sustainability initiatives on campus, empowering individuals to be change agents in their own studying and work environment.

Online Event Instructions

Participants must register with their McGill email addresses.

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