Brant Moscovitch

B.A. History (Honours), McGill UniversityPhoto de/of Brant Moscovitch

M.A. History, McGill University

Ph.D. Global and Imperial History, University of Oxford


Research project

As part of his Resident Fellowship, Brant Moscovitch will investigate the presence of international students in Montreal universities, with particular emphasis on better understanding the mechanisms and processes at the university, municipal and provincial levels that affect the ability of students to remain in Montreal after graduation. He situates his study within the larger debate over immigration and integration in Quebec. His proposal focuses on the complexities of university student migration in Montreal, the pathways for students to become permanent residents, and the barriers facing their integration into the city, while also taking into consideration the effects of Covid-19 on international students and universities. He may focus on one university in particular, or undertake a more specific study on the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) and how efforts to reform it are affecting current international students.

Brant Moscovitch will try to use his work with CIRM as the beginning of a larger project which he could ultimately build into a proposal for a postdoctoral fellowship with the FRQSC or SSHRC. This could offer the possibility of continued collaboration with CIRM in the medium-term future, in particular with members who have overlapping research interests.


Moscovitch, Brant. “‘Against the Biggest Buccaneering Enterprise in History’: Krishna Menon and the Colonial Response to International Crisis”, South Asian Review, forthcoming.

Moscovitch, Brant. “A Liberal Ghost? The Left, Liberal Democracy and theLegacy of Harold Laski’s Teaching,” in Harshan Kumarasingham (ed.), Liberal Ideals and the Politics of Decolonisation, Routledge, 2020.

Moscovitch, Brant. “A Liberal Ghost? The Left, Liberal Democracy and the Legacy of Harold Laski’s Teaching”, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, vol. 46, no. 5, October 2018, p. 935-957.

Moscovitch, Brant. “Harold Laski’s Indian Students and the Power of Education, 1920-1950”, Contemporary South Asia, vol. 20, no. 1, March 2012, p. 33-44.

Book project in preparation: Harold Laski’s Ghost: Transnational Student Migrations and the Spread of Political Ideas, 1920-1970

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