Caitlin McMullin

Portrait of Caitlin McMullin2018–2019 BMO Postdoctoral Fellow

Université de Montréal

Dr. Caitlin McMullin recently completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham (UK), studying co-production (i.e. the collaboration in both the design and delivery of public services or projects) between citizens and professionals working in the non-profit sector in England and France. Her doctoral dissertation investigated the role of rules, practices and narratives in motivating different approaches to co-production in Sheffield and Lyon. Prior to this, she worked as a research assistant at Middlesex University researching public service social enterprises, and for Urban Forum, a membership organization of British community groups. She has published on public service innovation, the hybrid characteristics of non-profit organizations, co-production and community development.

Caitlin’s postdoctoral research project at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal takes her research forward by studying community co-production in Montreal – a unique context that exhibits a coexistence between an emphasis on community that parallels the English experience, as well as notions of solidarity and co-construction that are more in line with the cases previously studied in France. In particular, the project considers how local institutions, governance arrangements and conceptualizations of participation impact day-to-day collaborative practices in community development projects, with a view to developing a three city comparative study between Montreal, Sheffield and Lyon.

Selected publications

  • McMullin, Caitlin and Skelcher, C. "The impact of societal level institutional logics on hybridity: Evidence from nonprofit organizations in England and France", Voluntas, 2018.
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  • McMullin, Caitlin and Needham, C. "Co-production and healthcare", in B. Verschuere, T. Brandsenand T. Steen (eds.), Co-production and co-creation: Engaging citizens in public service delivery, Routledge, 2018, p. 151-160.
  • Vickers, I., Lyon, F., Sepulveda, L. and McMullin, Caitlin. "Public service innovation and multiple institutional logics: The case of hybrid social enterprise providers of health and wellbeing", Research Policy, vol. 46, no10, 2017, p. 1755-1768.
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