ECC: Job Search Strategies & Linkedin - in person

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 18:00to19:30

At this workshop we will present and discuss various topics including:

  • Where are the jobs (hidden job market) - both internships and full-time positions
  • How to use and develop your networking skills in order to increase your job search success rate
  • How to get organized and keep track of applications
  • LinkedIn best practices / how to use social media in your job search

Real-life situations and stories will be shared and discussed!

Do you have any job search related topics/issues that you would like to discuss during this workshop? Feel free to share your suggestions with us at careers4engineers [at] mcgill.ca


RSVP:  https://engineering.myfuture.mcgill.ca  / events / workshops / keyword: ECC

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