ECC - ECSESS - Electrical/Computer/Software Engineering Internship Panel

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 18:00to20:00

Are you looking for a summer (or longer) internship in engineering? Are you a U0 / U1 / U2 Electrical /Software/Computer - ECSESS engineering student? Do you want to learn more about the Engineering Internship Program? This event is for you an be sure to attend it - several ECSESS students, who have just completed internships, will be presenting their internship experiences and talk about various industries where ECSESS students can work. Learn how to apply for internships and find out how your engineering-related summer job can be recognized by McGill and become part of the Engineering Internship Program. 


RSVP:  https://engineering.myfuture.mcgill.ca  / events  / workshops  /  keyword:  ECSESS

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