Zavalkoff Travel award for McGill graduate / postdoc students to travel to Tel Aviv University

Brain@McGill and Tel Aviv University Collaboration
Neurodevelopmental, Neurodegenerative and Neuropsychiatric Diseases:
Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment


The Zavalkoff Family Foundation’s Brain@McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Travel Award to TAU



Five annual projects will be approved for a McGill student/postdoc to visit TAU for up to 4 months and the McGill research lab will get $5,000 to continue the work upon the McGill student/postdocs return.

For McGill students traveling to TAU:  $11,000/project, funded by The Zavalkoff Family Foundation’s will be available to cover airfare, accommodations and per diem in Tel Aviv and for continuation of the research project at McGill. Tel Aviv University will cover research expenses of visitors hosted by TAU researchers. To facilitate the integration of the recipients of this award into the social environment of TAU, a mentor or facilitator from the Tel Aviv University shall be appointed. The scientific supervisor of each visiting scientist shall be made aware of and monitor this situation. The recipients of the award will meet with members of the Zavalkoff Family Foundation’s to share their experience.

The Zavalkoff Family Foundation’s Brain@McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Travel Award
to McGill provides support to master's and doctoral students, as well as postdoctoral fellows who will travel from McGill to TAU in order to undertake research for their degree requirements or advance their scientific expertise. The award is valued to a maximum of $11000 and is tenable only in the term in which the travel is occurring.

Terms of Reference:
This travel award is awarded to graduate /postdoctoral students who must travel to undertake research required for their program of study.

  1. The Brain@McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Research Travel Award is valued up to a maximum of $11,000. The duration of the research trip must be a minimum of one month to a maximum of four consecutive months. The award value will be prorated depending on the duration of the research trip and its location.
  2. To be eligible to hold this award, a student must be registered at McGill University as a full-time, regular student (not “on-leave” or “part-time”) and in good standing in a master’s or doctoral program in the term for which the award is held. If applying as a postdoctoral fellow, applicants must be less than 4 years after obtaining their doctoral degree at the time of application.
  3. The following categories of activities will NOT be supported:
    a. Instructional activity (courses, field schools, training programs);
    b. Conferences, seminars, working groups, etc.;
    c. Travel to paid employment (co-op terms, internships, research assistantships, etc.).
  4. Students or postdoctoral fellows are eligible to hold no more than one Zavalkoff Family Foundation’s Brain @McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Travel Award
  5. Recipients of a Graduate Research Travel Award may accept other scholarship support from external sources.
  6. Application is made for the Zavalkoff Family Foundation’s Brain@McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Travel Award by including the following:
    1) A collaboration proposal (forms are attached below and should be filled out by the mentors and students together).
    2) Proven excellence and experience in the field, based on publications.
    3) Student/postdoc academic record (i.e. mark average, B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D.).
    4) Two letters of recommendation.
    5) Completion of the one-page budget summary form, including dates of travel, travel costs, accommodation, and living expenses. (It is not necessary for these costs to equal or exceed the value of the award.)
  7. Awards are made jointly by the Brain@McGill Awards Committee and the TAU awards committee and adjudicated based on the following criteria:
    a. Academic ability, based on transcripts and scholarly contributions
    b. The research proposal;
    c. Justification for travel and contribution of travel to the development of the student as a researcher.


This is now an Open Call. Eligible students and postdoctoral fellows must submit all documentation directly to Dr. Anne McKinney. E-mail: anne.mckinney [at]

Eligibility criteria:
Eligibility criteria for this award are outlined in the Terms of Reference. Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected.
In all cases, funding will be awarded based on scientific excellence.

Timing of Award and Accountability
This travel award is intended to support students while working on their degree requirements or advancing postdoctoral fellows. Therefore, recipients of the award do not need to account for travel expenses.  However, recipients must conform to the following requirements:

  • If planned research travel is delayed, a recipient may postpone the award only as far as the spring semester of the year following the application.
  • Students will be required to submit a short report of their activities after the travel has been completed. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of awards made to the student’s program in future.
  • All publications arising from the collaboration should include acknowledgement of the program.

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Please download the (fillable) Application Form (PDF). 


Program Administration

McGill University:
Dr. Anne McKinney
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Faculty of Medicine
Chair, Brain@McGill
Phone: +1-514-398-5685
anne.mckinney [at]

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