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Research Associates and Assistants

Rajvinder Kaur

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Rajvinder Kaur is currently working as a Research Associate in Prof. Lefsrud’s group and is leading the genetic transformation aspects of the field pea to enhance the oil content. Rajvinder’s research in graduate and postdoctoral studies has always been focusing on the value-added products. She has a unique combination of skills, which includes biological chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2004 from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia and did her Post-Doctoral training on genetic transformation and biotechnology at the University of California, Berkeley, USA where she worked on sorghum to improve digestibility and lysine content in the grains through particle–gun bombardment and agrobacterium infection. After completing her post-doctoral training, she joined as a Research Scientist at Chromatin Inc., Champaign, Illinois, USA where she led the genetic transformation of cereals and grasses to incorporate desired gene stacks for improvement of biomass and bioenergy capability.

Sarah MacPherson

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Sarah’s love of biology stems from childhood summers spent near Pointe-au-Baril in northern Ontario. Sarah received her BSc. (Hons. Biology) from Concordia University in 1999 and was awarded her PhD from McGill University (Microbiology & Immunology) in 2005. This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in the Infectious Diseases Division at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX, where she helped develop an animal model for protective autophagy and arboviruses targeting the CNS. Since then, she has pursued her interests in science communication and teaching at the post-secondary level, in addition to working as a medical writer. Sarah joined the Biomass Production Lab and the Department of Bioresource Engineering as a Research Associate in 2018. Most recently, she coordinates the NSERC-funded graduate research program, Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Cannabis Production, Products and Training (now accepting graduate students).

Sophie Rufyikri

Yvan Gariepy


Post Doctoral Student

Bo-Sen (Allen) Wu

Profile Picture of Bo-Sen Wu

Bo-Sen Wu received his PhD in 2019 from McGill University in the Biomass Production Lab of the Bioresource Engineering Department. At McGill, he was involved in projects covering spectral response of photosynthesis and plant LED lighting. During his postdoc at McGill University, Dr. Wu pioneered and initiated a series of research with machine vision and LED lighting simulation in controlled environment agriculture. Dr. Wu has published more than 10 peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific journals and presented 10 industrial and technical reports.


Doctoral Studies

Philip Wiredu Addo

Profile Picture of Philip Wiredu Addo

I am a Schulich Fellowship award recipient pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University under the supervision of Prof. Mark Lefsrud. My research focuses on the optimization of postharvest technologies for medicinal plants; cannabis and hops. This project will help establish optimal and improved conditions for drying of biomass and extraction of secondary metabolites which will lead to cost savings and create significant improvements in the production model for medicinal plants. This project also seeks to contribute to the development of standards for the industry. With rapid projected growth in the coming years for the cannabis industry, the development of cost-effective postharvest processes that preserve product quality will help producers in lowering their prices and compete in the global market to showcase Canada as a world leader in this field.

Sazan Rahman 

Profile picture of doctoral student Sazan Rhaman.

Md Sazan Rahman is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Bioresource Engineering, McGill University. He is now working on HVAC control in porous concrete for green building elements. The main goal of his research is to keep plants alive on green roofs and walls in any weather conditions, where porous concrete will be used as a plant-growing substrate. He also aims to control indoor temperature and humidity by environmentally controlled green walls. Mr. Sazan is from a small village (Khoshalpur Nowpara) of Kalai, Joypurhat, Bangladesh. He has completed his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), Bangladesh, and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, SK Canada.

Shafieh Salehiniw

Profile Picture of Shafieh Salehinia

I am Shafieh Salehinia. I come from Iran. I hold a master's degree in Biosystems Engineering- Post Harvest Technology from Tehran University and a bachelor's degree in Mechanics of Agriculture Machines from the same university. I am a newly admitted Ph.D. student in Bioresource Engineering for fall 2021 under the supervision of Dr. Mark Lefsrud.

Sheida Rezaei

Profile Picture of Sheida Rezaei

Sheida is working on the presence of humidity in greenhouses and HVAC systems known as a detrimental factor in terms of both energy saving and efficiency of the system. Sheida's project mainly focused on decreasing relative humidity in HVAC systems. Sheida received her M.Sc. in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran (2014-2016) and her B.Sc. in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran (2010-2014). 

Vincent Desaulniers-Brousseau

Profile Picture of Vincent Desaulniers Brousseau

Vincent is a PhD candidate working on next-generation hydroponic systems. His education includes two B. Sc. in Biological Sciences and Agroenvironmental Sciences and one M. Sc. in Molecular and Cellular Medicine. He is a trained agrologist and has a solid knowledge of biological systems. He hopes that biopharmaceuticals can one day be produced sustainably. Similarly to other advancement of other sectors, sustainable food, fiber and nutraceutical production lies in reusing what is usually discarded as waste. His research will help in making medical cannabis production environmentally friendly, enable growers with nutrition index for optimal cannabinoid production as well as increase environmental performance of plant production systems.

David Desharnais Leroux

Sam Burgner

Yasmeen Hitti


Masters of Science

Justin Bohemen

Profile picture of Justin Bohemen

Justin is a MSc student in Bioressource Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Lefsrud at McGill University. He completed his BSc in Agro-Environmental Sciences at McGill University with specializations in Plant Production and Professional Agrology. He is interested in optimizing the production of biomass and secondary metabolites within the cannabis plant by using more efficient production methods. In the future, Justin sees himself playing an important role in the industry as a professional agrologist.

Manish Ojha

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Manish Ojha completed his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at Kathmandu University and is now an MSc student in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University. His project is focused on bio-compatible reclamation (Eco-Restoration). Manish uses porous concrete blocks coupled with indigenous plant species as an engineering solution for the reinforcement of coastal areas. 

Mohammad Reza Khan Bolouki

Profile picture of Mohammad Reza Khan Bolouki

Mohammad Reza Khan Bolouki is currently enrolled in the M.Sc. in Bioresource Engineering under the supervision of Professor Lefsrud. He is originally from Tehran, Iran where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Science and Research University in 2019. His areas of academic interest and his research are focused on Cannabis production and analysis, specifically the ESI ionization behavior of cannabinoids in multiple matrices.

Natalie Wu

Profile Picture of Natalie Wu

Natalie is originally from Toronto but came to Montreal to study nutrition. She received her BSc. in Nutritional Science at McGill and is currently finishing up her MSc. in the department of Bioresource Engineering. She working on the nutritional and environmental impact of the No Harm Diet under the supervision of Dr. Mark Lefsrud and Dr. Anne-Sophie Brazeau.

Tyler Joiner

Profile picture of Tyler Joiner

Tyler Joiner is a MSc student in Bioresource Engineering whose thesis will focus on biofuel combustion processes. His interest in physics, thermodynamics, and emission minimization drove him towards this field. With a BS in Environmental Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Tyler hopes to use his background for sustainability-driven research. His goal is to obtain his PhD in this field and to eventually become a professor at a university that prides itself on its research.

Ahmed Bassam Mahmoud

Ashutosh Kushwaha

Kyle Lucherini

Rachael Warner

Samuel Eichhorn Bilodeau

Victorio Morello

Vidya Sagar Kuncham 


Undergraduate Students 

Carina Dumais

Profile picture of Carina Dumais

Carina is a fourth-year Bioresource Engineering Undergraduate student at McGill University. She has completed two internships and a summer job in the environmental and agricultural fields. Since January 2021, she has been working with Professor Lefsrud to test biocompatible concrete samples that were designed in part to counter erosion along shorelines. 

Ilies Tazi

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My name is Ilies Tazi and I am in my fourth year in the Bioresource Engineering program with a specialization in Agrology at McGill University. I am interested in technological knowledge and experience in the field of precision agriculture in controlled environments. A field that I believe can have the potential to address some of our most urgent issues as a society. 

Christopher Patterson

Daniil Katkov

Guillaume Céré

Olivia Mendelson

Rebecca Martinez

Tatiana Rayvich


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