Deep Space

Deep Space Food Challenge

In response to NASA and the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Food Challenge (DSFC), McGill’s Biomass Production Laboratory has formed the MARTLET (McGill Advanced bio-Regenerative Toolkit for Long-Excursion Trips) team. To date, this group of over 100 students has successfully submitted 6 design proposals to the competition and is among the largest teams competing in the DSFC.

Drawing from the Biomass Production Laboratory’s long-established expertise, MARTLET has proposed various mechanisms for feeding astronauts in deep space, including technologies to grow plants, algae, fungi, and insects as alternative food sources.

In addition, MARTLET has obtained multiple industry partnerships, including UTechnologies, in order to further bolster the strength of their designs.

You can read more about the Deep Space Food Challenge on their website.

Two McGill MARTLET teams were successful in the challenge (Impact Canada). 


  1. Cricket Rearing, Collection, and Transformation System (CRCTS)
  2. InSpira PBR



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