Past Students


Doctoral Students

Luc D’Amours
Designer of the BioBaler.

Frédéric Lavoie
Designer of the BioBaler.

Ph. D. Students

Eric Huang

My research is on the integration of proteomic technology and ethanol fermentation using Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia stipitis. The high-throughput proteomic data obtained will be used to monitor and optimize the fermentation process. Analyzing the proteomic profile of mixed-culture fermentation using S. cerevisiae and P. stipitis could also gain more insight into the community metabolism and help to further improve the ethanol fermentation process using hexose and pentose simultaneously.

Robert Yee

Social media for engineering and scientific evaluation and education




Kumaran Sivagnanam

Butyl alcohol or butanol is a four carbon primary alcohol and is considered as a second generation biofuel as it is produced from biomass that includes mainly lignocellulosic raw Kumaran picturematerials. Chemical and physical properties make butanol a competent fuel when compared to other biofuels. However, the production of butanol from Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) fermentation process is not economically viable. This project aims at evaluating the efficiency of butanol fermentation from lignocellulosic substrates using Clostridium acetobutylicum bacteria and determining the protein expression under these substrates. Through the growth curves and protein expression studies, it is possible to develop a better understanding of the internal protein expression during fermentation and thereby achieving an economically viable butanol production process





Masters Students

Louis-Martin Diondion small
My research aim at obtaining usable carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas of a biomass gasification based heating system in order to enrich a greenhouse and improve plant growth. This project will demonstrate CO2 enrichment using a renewable resource. Experiments will occur using membrane CO2 separation techniques. One of the first biomass heating laboratory in Quebec will be set up at Macdonald Campus, McGill University, near two greenhouses. Biomass heating and Biofuel greenhouse heating.  Thesis submitted April 2011 “Biomass gasification for carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses.”

Vincent MartineauVincent Martineau
My research will test light emitting diodes (LED lights) at specific wavelengths and high intensity for the production of plants. LED lights have a higher lifespan, better efficiency and lower heat production than other available lights but are currently more expensive. These benefits could produce gains for the environment and the economy in terms of reduced energy consumption and lower cooling bills while maintaining or increasing the plant production. Other benefits of this research include improving fruit and/or vegetable quality, increasing the acceptation of this new technology in the context of greenhouse plant growth, and improvements in light quality standards.  Thesis submitted June 2011. “Comparison of light emitting diode and high pressure sodium light for hydroponic growth of boston lettuce.”

Megan Fulleringer Megan Fulleringer
The carbon dioxide-enriched atmosphere that is ideal for plant growth is typically achieved using fossil fuels. The exhaust gas of a biomass gasification system can be used to the same end. This is beneficial in that the system is based on a renewable resource, but the effluent contains a significant quantity of impurities. My research focuses on determining how different levels of atmospheric impurities affect plant growth, in order to establish to what degree the exhaust gas must be filtered before it can be introduced into a greenhouse. 2011


Tiff-Annie Kenny
Wood heating systems 2011






Ehsan Khodapanahi
Lipid extraction from field peas. Thesis submitted August 2011, “Study of field pea accessions for development of an oilseed pea.”


Keith Dias

Plant proteomics


Paul Deram
Master student working on light Emitting Diodes for tomato greenhouse production




Michael Schwalb

Masters student in LED wavelength testing





Jenna Senecal

Masters student whose focus was studying the efficiency and the long-term impacts of using human urine as a fertilizer through simulated repeated use.



Julie Gagne

Masters Student whose focus was studying new wave LED lighting technology for horticultural applications, especially in a greenhouse context comparing soilless cultivation methods, such as Aeroponics and Hydroponics.





Undergraduate Students

Alejandro Jaul Alejandro Jaul
Mechanical Engineering, worked on the LED project as a lab assistant for Dr. Lefsurd. My main task in the project involved the design and implementation of the LED experiment, with the aim of optimizing the overall efficiency of the system. The experiment tested the effect of high intensity LED light at specific wavelengths on plant growth using a Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) curve. 2010-2011.

Allison Busgang

Undergraduate student summer 2011




Justin DoughertyJustin
Undergraduate student summer 2010


Rachele ReichelRachele Reichel
Undergraduate student summer 2010


Shefaza EsmailShefaza Esmail
Undergraduate student summer 2010



Guillaume Lamoureux
Undergraduate student Summer 2011 


Sadman Islam

Undergraduate student




Jizhuo YangAlex
Undergraduate student summer 2010

Maxime Ouellet-Payeurmax
Undergraduate student summer 2010 



Phani Tej Raghav Narayanapurapu 

Summer 2011

Rodger Liu
Undergraduate student summer 2013





Laura Braun

Undergraduate student




Simon Lefrançois Kuster

Udergraduate student








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