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Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Program

McGill Biology Department offers a dynamic working environment for post-doctoral scholars. McGill has a vibrant community of postdoctoral scholars, with approximately 23 in the Biology Department.

For general information about postdoctoral work at McGill, see Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
Postdoctoral Opportunities can be seen HERE

Postdoctoral Fellows

Celina Baines

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez

Email: celina.baines [at]

Laeya Baldini

Supervisor: Stephanie Weber

 Email: laeya.baldini [at]

Marieke Beaulieu (On Leave)

Supervisor: Irene Gregory-Eaves

Email: marieke.beaulieu [at]

Joseph Burant

Supervisors: Jennifer Sunday/Laura Pollock

Email: joseph.burant [at]

Carina Firkowski

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez

Email: carina.rauenfirkowski [at]

Siddhartha Kahre

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez

Email: siddhartha.khare [at]

Liangliang Kong

Supervisors: Neil Price

Email: liangliang.kong [at]

Alessandra Loria

Supervisors: Melania Cristescu / Andrew Gonzalez

Email: alessandra.loria [at]

Jeff Martin

Supervisors: Melanie Guigueno

Email: jeff.martin7 [at]

Marie-Eve Monchamp

Supervisors: Irene Gregory-Eaves & Melania Cristescu

Email: marie-eve.monchamp [at]

Jacqueline Oehri

Supervisors: Brian Leung & Andrew Gonzalez

Email: jacqueline.oehri [at]

Allison Roth

Supervisors: Irene Gregory-Eaves & Andrew Hendry

Email: allison.roth [at]

Ramya Singh (On Leave)

Supervisor: Abigail Gerhold & Jean-Claude Labbé (IRIC)

Email: ramya.singh [at]

Chuliang Song

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez

Email: [at]

Nicolas Soubry

Supervisor: Rodrigo Reyes Lamothe

Email: nicolas.soubry [at]

Brenda Toscano Marquez

Supervisor: Alanna Watt

Email: brenda.toscanomarquez [at]

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