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Biology Receiving

Joe Iantomasi

Office: Stewart Biology Building, Room N3/17 | Phone: 514-398-6432

Card Access & Room Keys

Please contact Carole Smith for building access and keys to labs or offices in the Stewart Biology Building and Bellini Life Sciences Complex.
5th Floor Access - Please Contact carole.smith [at] (Carole Smith) for access.

Office: Stewart Biology Building, Room N8/13 | Phone: 514-398-6406 | Email: carole.smith [at]

Please fill out the following forms (also available outside the office door):

The following documents are also handed out with keys:

Conference Room Booking

For PI's who require a small conference room for less than 20 people, please note that we do have some rooms available for lab meetings, Supervisory Committee meetings or other ad hoc meetings. These rooms do have projectors and screens.

Stewart Biology Building N5/9  & N7/1 | Bellini Life Sciences Complex 230

Please contact susan.gabe [at] (Susan Gabe) for room booking

Goodman Cancer Centre & McIntyre Medical Building

Please contact [at]

Printing, Mailing & Fax


Any duplication requiring more than 40 copies is cheaper if processed through the printers rather than using a photocopying machine. Reprint costs are often prohibitively high and these can be reduced by having the printing department reproduce the paper from a reprint. Orders are placed with drenusha.myha [at] (Drenusha Myha) in the Stewart Biology Building, Room N8/10. Please note that, in some cases, copyright clearance may be necessary before this work can be undertaken.

Mailing Services

The Department mailroom is located in the Stewart Biology Building, Room N8/11. Staff and graduate students have individual mail slots allocated to them. The incoming mail is delivered and sorted on Thursdays. Large incoming parcels are placed on the table to be picked up. Only official departmental correspondence and stamped personal correspondence, with complete return address including name of sender, may be placed in the outgoing external mail bag. The outgoing mail is removed by the Building Porter at 7:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. daily.

Send Fax from Email or uPrint Machine

McGill faculty and staff members can send faxes at no charge from a McGill email account or from a uPrint machine, whether to a local or long distance fax number.

For instructions on how to send faxes, please read the following McGill IT Knowledge Base article.

Renting a Vehicle

The Biology Deparment has a van for use by researchers. The vehicle is frequently in use, for both teaching and research purposes. Request for the van is heavy during the periods when there are departmental field courses at Mont St. Hilaire, as well as during the summer months when the camp at Lake Memphremagog is in use.

Reservations for the van are made through Joe Iantomas in Receiving, Stewart Biology Building, Room N3/17. The keys and the completed log (FOAPAL must be provided) are to be returned to Receiving upon return from a trip. The fuel tank of the vehicle is to be at least 1/2 full and the van should be cleaned, both inside and out, when returned. Please report any damage or other problems when returning keys.

If you have not driven the department van previously, you must provide the department with a photocopy of your driver’s license (both front and back) along with your signature at least two weeks prior to usage for insurance purposes.

Please note that it is illegal to transport radioactive/hazardous waste materials in any public vehicle.

Courier Service

The department uses the services of Federal Express and charges will be made to the users PCard. The user must make arrangements to send large packages through the Receiving in Room N3/17, and envelopes and small packages through the Coordinator in Room N8/17.

The Lounge

The lounge in the Stewart Biology Building, Room N8/1, is open to all members of the Biology Department. There are microwave ovens, a fridge and books.

Autoclave Booking: Stewart Bio N5/14 + Bellini 247

As of Fall 2021, autoclaves/dishwasher need to be reserved, using the online Google calendar.
Requests for access to the online booking system should be emailed to carole.smith [at]
A gmail address is required to view the Calendar and reserve a slot.

Please refer to the SOP before use: >> Download SOP

Submitting Autoclave Monitoring results

Use this webform to submit autoclave monitoring results.

Autoclave Monitoring - Procedure
*Please read if you are not familiar with the SOP for Autoclave Monitoring

Biological Indicators are available from:

Joe Iantomasi
Biology Receiving
Room N3/17
Tel: 514-398-6432


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