Financial Services Teams (FSTs)

The Faculty of Science’s financial administration is organized into Financial Services Teams (FSTs) comprised of Research Accounts Administrators and clerical staff working together to provide financial advice and support to Researchers/Primary Investigators (PIs) and to fund financial managers (FFMs).

Under the leadership and direction of the Supervisor, the FSTs provide direct support and guidance to researchers relating to financial administration of research grants and contracts; function as researchers' primary contact for all post-award concerns; liaise with Financial Services and other units within the University; plan and organize financial activities to support the daily operations of the PIs, ensuring that financial administration is carried out in accordance with the appropriate regulations and guidelines.

The FST Manager

The FST Manager for the Department of Biology and the Redpath Museum is Carol Gaug.

Carol Gaug, FST Manager
Email: sciencefinancepod1 [at]
Office Hours: 8:30 - 16:30

How can the FST Manager Help?

The primary duties and responsibilities of the FSTs include advising researchers, students and support staff on Fund Management, Financial Reporting and Transaction Management

Fund Management

  • Understands and applies University and Granting Agency Policies /Procedures.
  • Manage and administer PI research funding, including funding received through internal McGill research awards (i.e. James McGill research funds, Faculty Fessenden awards, etc.) and start-ups, as these are managed in conjunction with sponsored research funding and represent a small percentage of total PI funds.
  • Authority to assess and enforce compliance to policies to ensure required controls are adhered to.
  • Liaises with Financial Services (Research and Restricted Funds – RRF) and the Research Grants Office regarding PIs new funds and renewals.
  • Assists researchers with relevant aspects of pre-award (generally items related to financial forecasts when finalizing grant applications).
  • Manages & reviews transactions charged to researchers’ grant(s) / fund(s) for reasonableness and compliance to ensure integrity of financial information.
  • Assists in the timely resolution of any over-expenditure situations upon request of Financial Services (RRF).
  • Sends the Fund Financial Manager (FFM) /Principal Investigator (PI) period fund reconciliations.

Financial Reporting

  • Assesses the overall financial administrative activities of the FFM/PIs and promotes best practices as appropriate.
  • Upon request, provides reports / data to FFM/PI’s to assist in the management of research funds.
  • Assists with the review of the annual agency financial statements.

Transaction Management

  • Provide financial guidance to PI’s in managing their group of funds and act as primary point of contact for research financial management activities.
  • Acts as a facilitator/ liaison for the FFM/PI when dealing with central Financial Services.
  • Monitor expense eligibility and ensure compliance of processed transactions charged to PI research funds by applying applicable policies and guidelines.
  • Assists in keeping Departmental Staff up to date regarding “how to’s” and policy changes.
  • Troubleshoots and resolves transactional problems to minimize overall processing turnaround time.
  • Provides continuous hands-on training to all academics and support staff on the use of McGill’s financial systems.
  • Reviews and approves Expense Reimbursement claims to ensure compliance with applicable policies and agency guidelines & procedures.
  • Liaises with Financial Services on behalf of PIs / FFMs regarding after the fact audits. (Example - Expense Reimbursements & PCards).
  • Performs accounting adjustments (journal transfers for cost sharing/recovery, etc.)
  • Ensures that the account codes are understood and correctly applied.


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