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Regardez-moi dans les yeux! 

Check out Florence Mayrands a just-aired interview with Radio-Canada Ohdio here!

Une nouvelle technologie permet de percer les mystères du regard!

Read and listen here to Florence Mayrand's recent interview with Radio-Canada Ohdio!

Does more eye contact make for better conversation? Check out this recent radio interview with Florence!

Let's Go with Sabrina Marandola: Does more eye contact really make for better conversation? Florence Mayrand speaks about her dual eye-tracking paper in this Radio Interview

Check out the recent media coverage of our research on masks!

Face masks impair emotion recognition. Zoom interview invitation for Arirang TV, an international English-language television network based in Seoul

Our ability to read facial expressions is impacted by face masks. French Video interview for an ICI RDI segment (recorded but has not been aired yet)

The impact of face masks on social interactions. Invitation to speak on the Brian Crombie Radio Show. 

As masks start to come off more frequently in school, anxieties over facial features appear to rise. Article by high school newspaper The Classic.

Do Face Masks Help or Hinder Empathy? Dr. Jelena Ristic on the Purposeful Empathy podcast hosted by Anita Nowak. You can listen on various platforms through the following links: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

What’s going on behind that face mask? Written coverage of our research featured on Research2Reality, a science knowledge translation site

Our own Sarah McCrackin was interviewed by CBC in a radio segment describing her research on how masks affect emotional understanding. Listen here!

Transparent face masks restore emotional understanding, but not empathy. Written interview featured on both the McGill Newsroom and the McGill Science Homepage Picked up and distributed by 4 other online media sources including: Mirage News, Medical Press (also shared 11 times on this site), Academic Gates and My Science

New research shows masks make it more difficult to read emotions from faces. Written interview for the popular psychology website PsyPost. (viewed 12,000 times on, 6,000 times at MSN, and generated 272 interactions (likes, comments, shares) on Facebook)

Face masks impair nonverbal communication between individuals. Written interview with the McGill Newsroom, featured on the McGill University homepage.

Research study featured on the McGill Psychology Department's main website, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, and the McGill Newsroom.

How wearing a mask has altered the communication of emotions (Comment le port du masque a altéré la communication des émotions). Radio interview with Radio Canada for the segment “In the Mosaic” (Dans la Mosaique).

What emotions are hidden by the mask? (Quelle émotions sont cachées par le masque?). Radio interview with Radio Canada for the segment “It’s Never the Same” (C’est Jamais Pareil).

Midweek radio show – Face masks and emotion recognition. Radio interview with CKCU-FM for the Midweek show. Timestamp: 17:10.

Masks impede people’s ability to understand and share emotions Written coverage of our research featured in a Think Fast segment on

Masks impede communication says study Written coverage of our research featured on The Suburban, the largest weekly English newspaper in Quebec

Face masks impair nonverbal communication between individuals Written interview with the McGill Newsroom, featured on the McGill University homepage Picked up and distributed by 7 online media sources including: TrueViralNews (liked 2.2K times), Phys Org, Alpha Galileo, MirageNews, Psychreg, ScienceBlog and EurekAlert!

Check out the recent media coverage of our research on the social value of faces!

Check out the laboratory's newest publication which was featured in a Kudos media article titled: Faces may not have the inherent "social" value we assume

Knowledge Sharing Through Social Media 

12/2022 – Altmetrics scores for our associated scientific publications in Social Psychology of 79 (putting it in the 97th percentile of all articles; with 101 tweets reaching 101,769 followers), in Cognitive Research and Implications of 25 (92nd percentile; with tweets reaching 7,832 followers) and in Frontiers in Psychology of 2 (57th percentile, with tweets reaching 29,660 followers).

11/2022 – Ten Twitter posts promoting our work on Dr. McCrackin’s twitter @SarahDMcCrackin, 615 cumulative post views, plus retweets to accounts with 270+ followers

02/2022 - Reddit thread discussing our work and how Masks impair the recognition of six basic facial expressions, according to new research. The findings suggests that visual information from lower portions of the face play an important role in understanding facial expressions - Over 7000 upvotes and 664 comments

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