Research Projects


More than words: Studying the impact of arts-based survivor engagement on families and communities. Co-Investigator.  Claudia Mitchell, Principal Investigator. Department for Women and Gender Equality (formerly Status of Women Canada) / Government of Canada. $740,000 


Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation. SSHRC Connections Grant, Special Call. Co-Investigator with Janine Metallic, Bronwen Low, and Mela Sarkar.  $39,762


Mapping drama and theatre strategies and the impact of play building with in-service teachers exploring Aboriginal issues. SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Principal Investigator. Collaborators are George Belliveau, Monica Prendergast, Diane Conrad, Claudia Mitchell, Joe Norris and Francine Chaîné. $57,300


    A Multi-Sector Partnership to Investigate and Develop Policy and Practice Models to Dismantle “Rape Culture” in Universities. Co-investigator. SSHRC Partnership Grant. Shaheen Shariff, Principal Investigator. $2,500,000

    • Carter, M., Nyariro, M., Escurra, M., Beavis, L. & Mitchell, C. (accepted, Spring 2018). Arts based methodologies in addressing rape culture on University campuses. Sexual violence and rape culture on University campuses. McGill-Queens Press.
    • For further information, see Define the Line/iMPACTS


    Reconceptualizing teachers' roles for Canada's creative economy. SSHRC Insight Grant. Co-applicant & Montreal Lead Investigator.  Sean Wiebe, Principal Investigator. Other Co-applicants are Kathryn Ricketts, Pamela Richardson, Patrick Howard and Peter Gouzouasis. $275,078


    SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. Co-applicant. Bronwen Low, Principal Investigator. Other Co-applicants, Elizabeth Wood and Claudia Mitchell. $199,887

    • Low, B., Carter, M., Wood. E., Mitchell, C., Proietti, M. & Friedmann, D. (2016). Building an urban arts partnership between school, community based artists and university. Learning landscapes (10) 1., 153-172.


    Établissement de nouveaux professeurs-chercheurs et qui s’intitule Monologues d’enseignants : étudier les expériences d’enseignants en formation initiale du Québec envers des problématiques vécues par les autochtones. Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture (FRQSC) Grant. Principal Investigator$49,590

    • Shabtay, A., Carter, M., Mreiwed, H. (2019, August 8). A dramatic collage: Becoming pedagogical through collaborative playbuilding, Qualitative Research Journal.
    • Carter, M. & Mreiwed, H. (2017, August 23).  Review of “Sing the brave song! This isn’t over”. Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal, 2 (2): 153-157
    • Mreiwed, H., Carter, M., Shabtay, A. (2017, May 28). Building classroom community through drama education. NJ: Drama Australia Journal, 41 (1): 44-57.
    • For further information on Sing the brave song: This isn't over, see promotional poster & information from the McGill Reporter

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