Selected Publications


Carter, M. (in progress, 2021). Imagining the unimaginable: An autophenomenological exploration of indigenous topics with in- and pre- service teachers through drama education and theatre. University of Toronto Press. (advance contract issued)

Mreiwed, H., Carter, M. & Mitchell, C. (Eds). (2021). Art as an Agent for Social Change. Brill/Sense.

Carter, M. & Triggs, V. (Eds). (2017). Arts education and curriculum studies: The contributions of Rita L. Irwin. Routledge.

Carter, M., Prendergast, M., & Belliveau, G. (Eds.). (2015). Drama and theatre education in Canada: Classroom and community contexts. Canadian Association of Teacher Education.

Carter, M. (2014). The teacher monologues: Exploring the experiences and identities of artist-teachers. Sense Publications.

Invited Chapters in Books

Carter, M. & Smith-Gilman, S. (2017). In Harkins, M. & Barchuk, Z. (Eds.). Collegial collaborations for communication(s) education. International conversations of teacher educators: Collaborations in education.  Mount Saint Vincent University Press.

Carter, M. (2017). An invitation to the transformative curricular moment. An artful life: The contributions of Rita L. Irwin. Routledge.

Hart, L. and Carter, M. (2015). Wade in the water. In Drama and theatre education in Canada: Classroom and community contexts. Canadian Association of Teacher Education.

Carter, M. (2014).  Imagination: Hope for a severed curriculum. In Harkins, M.,  & Barchuk, Z. (Eds.). International conversations of teacher educators: Teaching in a global world. Mount Saint Vincent University Press.

Other Invited Book Contributions

Cox, S. & Boydell, M. (2016). Ethical issues in arts based health research. In Clift, S. & Camic, P. (Eds.) Oxford textbook of creative arts, health and wellbeing: International perspectives on practice, policy and research. Oxford University Press. (Note: In Chapter 11, pg.83 my picture is used and a description of an arts based research project I co-created to better understand health research is described).

Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Strong-Wilson, T., St. Amand, J., Carter, M. & Wald, S. (2019). Can we interest you?: Opening conversations at the McGill Journal of Education. Scholarly and research communication special issue on The State of Canadian Scholarly Journal Publishing.

Carter, M. (2019). Enseignement du theatre et de l’art dramatique au Canada: Un portrait. McGill Journal of Education.

Howard, P., Becker, C., Wiebe, S., Carter, M., Gouzouasis, P., McLarnon, M., Richardson, P., Ricketts, K. & Schuman, L. (2018). Creativity and pedagogical innovation: Exploring teachers’ experiences of risk-taking. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 1-15. DOI: 10.1080/00220272.2018.1479451.

Carter, M. & Mreiwed, H. (2017). Sing the brave song: This isn’t over. Art/Research International (2) 2, 153-157.

Mreiwed, H., Carter, M., Shabtay, A. (2017). Building classroom community through drama education. Australia Journal of Drama (41) 1, 44-57.

Carter, M. (2017). Artful inquiry and the unexpected ethical turn: Exploring identity through creative engagement with Grades 9-12 students in Canada and Guatemala. Art/research International (2)1, 5-19.

Carter, M., Triggs, V. & Irwin, R. (2016). Mentoring coexistence. Visual inquiry: Learning and teaching art (5)3, 461-464.

Low, B., Carter, M., Wood. E., Mitchell, C., Proietti, M. & Friedmann, D. (2016). Building an urban arts partnership between school, community based artists and university. Learning landscapes (10)1, 153-172.

Carter, M. (2016). Considering the cultural insignia project with high school visual arts students in Northwestern, Ontario Canada. International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education (4) 1, 71-80.

Carter, M. (2016). Postcards from prison: An autophenomenological inquiry. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, (31) 1, 72-87.

Carter, M. (2015). A critical, a/r/tographical enquiry into the meaning and purpose of performing “Gallop Apace”. Journal of Educational Enquiry, (14) 1, 52-63.

Carter, M. (2014). Complicating the curricular conversation with Antonin Artaud and Maxine Greene. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, (11) 2, 21-43.



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