Artful Inquiry Research Group (AIRG)


The Artful Inquiry Research Group (AIRG) was founded in 2014 at McGill University with the aim of creating an exchange platform for faculty and graduate students who engage in arts-based research practices at the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE). AIRG has expanded to help connect the community of arts-based researchers on local, national, and international levels by specifically focusing on the impact of making art and engaging in relational art practices. By formalizing the many arts interests across the Faculty of Education, we have created, and anticipate to create more, collaborations and cross-fertilization of knowledge to benefit the Faculty of Education, the community and arts-based research both in Canada and internationally. Additionally, AIRG has planted the seed for a community of practice around artful inquiry that has helped establish a dynamic interdisciplinary group of scholars who work through collaboration beyond McGill University.

Bi-annual AIRG symposium at McGill University

The Artful Inquiry bi-annual symposium led by scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners, is an interdisciplinary forum for sharing scholarship, practices, and research on artful inquiry and methods in higher education. Through interactive workshops, panel discussions, individual paper and poster presentations, the Symposium explores questions such as:

  • How do we continue to develop the tools for creating, researching and teaching in/through/with art?
  • How arts-based educational research practices affect how we learn, research and understand various disciplines?
  • How creative forms of inquiry and representation support and sustain communities within and beyond academia?

The 2023 symposium - Re/Emergence(s)

The 4th AIRG International Symposium is an interdisciplinary forum for sharing scholarship, practices, and research on artful inquiries and methods. This year the theme of re/emergences will focus our conversations, art-making, learning and (un)learning.







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Book Launch

Art as an Agent for Social Change (2021)

Editors: Hala Mreiwed, Mindy R. Carter, Claudia Mitchell

Special Thanks: Ann Smith for her thoughtful and generous editing, Maisa Mreiwed for use of her artwork Journey of Knowledge, Vol. 7 (2019) on the cover of the book and Darshan Daryanani for creating the sneak peak inside the book (to watch click on the book).

Book cover


Making Connections in and Through Arts-Based Educational Research, outcome from 2020 AIRG Symposium (published by Springer 2023)

Editors: Hala Mreiwed, Mindy R. Carter, Sara Hashem, Candace H. Blake-Amarante






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