Are You Eligible?

The M.Arch (Professional) requires the equivalency of the B.Sc. (Architecture) degree for admittance.

Check MarkApplicants whose background includes a non-professional degree in Architecture equivalent to the B.Sc. (Arch.) offered at McGill, with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, may be eligible for admission directly to the professional M.Arch program. Use the followingPDF icon Program Comparison Chart to help determine your eligibility. This program chart is required as part of a McGill M.Arch program application. Note that there are many required technical and history courses as a prerequisite to the M.Arch program. Certain applicants—for those with a B.Sc (Arch) but do not have a sufficient number of studios, technical or history courses— may be required to complete a qualifying year, up to a maximum of 30 credits, or two semesters, before entering the three-semester M.Arch. (Professional) program.

Image of an XApplicants whose background includes a partially-completed non-professional (B.Arch, B.S. Arch or B.A. Arch) undergraduate program in Architecture may be admitted to the B.Sc. (Arch.) program with advanced standing, in which case a maximum of 40 credits from the previous degree can be transferred to the B.Sc. (Arch.) program.

Image of an XApplicants whose background includes a university degree in an area/discipline other than architecture are required to apply to the B.Sc. (Arch.) undergraduate program; they are not eligible for admission to the M.Arch program. Admittance will most likely be to the first year of the B.Sc., with the possibility of some advanced credits for courses which are similar to those in the B.Sc. (Arch.) program.

Image of an XApplicants whose background includes an Architectural Technology degree will also need to apply to the B.Sc.(Arch.) program. Applicants are considered college transfers and are only able to apply to the three-year B.Sc.(Arch.) program, and are required to complete the prerequisite courses as listed in the Undergraduate Admissions Guidelines for Applicants from Other Universities or Colleges and Second Bachelor Degree Applicants ("Transfers") elsewhere.

Image of an XApplicants who have already completed a professional degree in architecture, are not eligible for admission to the M.Arch. (Professional) program.

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