McGill student team wins Avenue McGill College Charrette


Published: 8Apr2019
Winning McGill team: Kathleen Bono, Maynak Shekhawat, Yiyi Zhou (+ charrette person)
Winning McGill scheme

A team of post-professional M.Arch. students in the Urban Design and Housing option – Kathleen Bono, Mayank Shekhawat, and Yiyi Zhou – have won the Avenue McGill College Charrette organized by the Interuniversity Urban Committee. The winning scheme, announced on March 23 – Adaptive Breathe-scape – “is a concept that considers the flexibility and lifestyle changes of the users downtown and provide them with a ‘breathe-scape.’ It allows them to experience McGill College Avenue as an outdoor green area filled with a variety of activities that fulfill the needs of all users in all seasons.”

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