inFormed Consent: Projects from Open Source Architecture


WUHO Gallery | September 08-28
6518 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

The convergence of computational technologies has accelerated the ability to utilize multiple streams of data and information in the formation of an architectural entity. A common computational platform promotes transdiscplinary collaborations and the near seamless incorporation of a wide range of input into the design process, which enables near infinite iterations. The extensity available and ease of technological integration calls into question the value of the selected information and data sets and as well as the status of the architectural form. InFormed Consent is an exhibition that examines a selected series of experimental research and commissioned projects from Open Source Architecture (Chandler Ahrens, Eran Neuman and Aaron Sprecher) that uses diverse, yet strategic data and information to inform the design process.

This exhibition of recent projects by OSA was made possible with the support of LIPHE Research Lab at McGill University’s School of Architecture. Special thanks to Francois Leblanc and Kristen Too (McGill University) for their important assistance.


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