Ice Hotel

Published: 6 December 2016

Two teams of undergraduate students from the School are amongst the three finalist teams in the Architecture Éphémère competition at the Ice Hotel outside Quebec City: a U1 team composed of Jessica Cheng and Biying Wang (Rêve Étoilé) and a U3 team composed of Mia Chen, Jo-Yu Tseng, and Zhong Ji Cai (Cocoa Flurry). For the 12th consecutive year, the competition was open to students from the universities of Laval, McGill, Montréal, and UQAM. The three winning schemes were chosen from over 20 submitted projects, and they will be built as actual rooms in the Ice Hotel this winter. They were selected for their originality, feasibility of construction, concept, and innovation. At the grand opening of the Ice Hotel on Friday 20 January 2017, the competition jury will award ranked prizes to the three student teams.

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