Meeting Documentation

This page serves as a comprehensive repository for the agendas and minute meetings of APC for the 2023/2024 academic year. 

APC Committee members can proactively access essential documentation for the upcoming meetings by clicking on the Documents 2023/2024 link. 

For any assistance or queries related to APC, please contact the teaching_programs.provost [at] (Office of the Associate Provost (Teaching & Academic Planning)).

Past APC material, including Agendas and Meeting Minutes, are available on the APC Archives.

Agendas 2023/2024

Minutes 2023/2024

Documents 2023/2024

Note: This material is accessible to Executive Committee members only.

To access restricted content in this section of the website, please click the Documents 2023/2024 link. You will be prompted to enter your McGill Username and password.


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