APC Subcommittee on Courses and Teaching Programs (SCTP)

SCTP Composition

SCTP has twelve members appointed by APC: the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) - Chair, with vote; the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (or academic delegate); five academic staff members appointed to three-year renewable terms (taking care to rotate representation among faculties and ensuring representation of at least two of the larger faculties as defined by the University Statutes); two student members, one graduate and one undergraduate, nominated by their respective student societies; one representative from Enrolment Services (voice but no vote); one representative from Student Services (voice but no vote); and one representative from Teaching and Learning Services (voice but no vote). The Chair of SCTP is an ex-officio member of APC. A member of the Academic Management Office should be invited when resource implications of proposals for new teaching programs are being considered, in order to provide the necessary expertise.

The subcommittee is small enough to be efficient and large enough to encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines and expertise.


  1. To exercise all the functions and powers of APC as regards courses, and to inform APC about its actions in a timely manner;
  2. to exercise all the functions and powers of APC as regards revisions to existing teaching programs and to inform APC in a timely manner, except that either SCTP or APC can determine that some changes are sufficiently important to be treated following the procedures for new programs indicated below;
  3. to evaluate the academic quality of proposals for new teaching programs, taking into account, as appropriate, the resources implications of such proposals and to make recommendations to APC;
  4. at the request of APC, to review existing courses and teaching programs and to make recommendations to APC.

(revised: October 13, 2016; 16-APC-10-08)

(For information contact Cindy Smith, Course and Program Administrator, at 398-2624)