Jenny Burman

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director (Currently on Leave)

Jenny Burman is an Associate Professor in Communication Studies. She has a Ph.D. in Social and Political Thought from York University (2002). Prof. Burman writes and teaches in the areas of transnational cultural studies, diaspora studies, multi/interculturalism, and urban transformations. She completed a SSHRC-funded research project entitled “Mobile Citizenship, Immobilized Migrants: Detention and Deportation in Canada, Oppositional Activism in Toronto and Montréal”, in 2010. She is part of two FQRSC research groups: Media and Urban Life in Montreal (PI: Will Straw), and Feminist studies of social movements and their cultural infrastructures (PI: Carrie Rentschler). She is pursuing two independent research projects currently: one on vernacular multiculturalism in Canada, and one on the social abandonment of racialized women in Vancouver and Los Angeles.


-- “Cultivating urban forms: collective investments in urban agriculture in Montreal”, in Formes urbaines : évolution et mutations des formes médiales-culturelles à Montréal. Montréal : Les éditions esse, 2014.

--“Actes identitaires: expressions radicales et réactionnaires de l’identité culturelle laïque dans la société québécoise”, trans. S. Stavrinidis. In Simon Harel & Isabelle St-Amand, eds., Figures du siège et de la concertation. Presses de l’Université Laval, collection InterCultures, 2011.

-- Transnational Yearnings: Tourism, Migration and the Diasporic City. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2010.

-- “Suspects in the City: Browning the ‘not-quite’ Canadian citizen”, Cultural Studies 24:2, 2010.

-- “Out of Northwhere: Nation, politics, and belonging”, chapter in Ebony Roots, Northern Soil, ed. Charmaine Nelson. Toronto: Scholars’ University Press, 2010.




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