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WINTER 2021 Teaching Assistant Positions

Due to implementation issues of the new Human Resources Worday system, the Teaching Assistant postings for the Winter 2021 term have been delayed as per an agreement reached between McGill and AGSEM (the text of the agreement can be found here:

The new dates are as follows:

  • Nov. 2nd, 2020: Posting Start Date

  • Nov. 2-20: Application Period

The TA postings, applications for them, and the hiring process will now all be done through the Workday system. Please pay particular attention to the information about applying as an Internal or External Applicant and their related manuals for applying at the bottom of this text.

The Positions are only available to McGill graduate students.

Please note that given the current circumstances related to the pandemic and the resumption of certain in-person teaching activities, some Teaching Assistant tasks for this course may be performed remotely or in person. The Teaching Assistant may be required to perform tasks suited to a remote/online teaching environment using a virtual learning platform [e.g., Zoom, WebEx] and the McGill myCourses learning management system.

Hiring Unit: Department of Art History and Communication Studies

Position Summary:

Responsibilities include hosting and facilitating discussions on Zoom with small groups of students; grading of some assignments; attending lectures and reading course materials; communication with students regarding MyCourses, submission of assignments, etc.


Positions only available to McGill graduate students with an academic background in Art History and Communication Studies.


ARTH 200 Introduction to Art History 1

ARTH 207 Introduction Early Modern Art 1400-1700

ARTH 305 Methods in Art History

ARTH 339 Critical Issues - Contemporary Art

ARTH 353 Selected Topics in Art History 1

COMS 200 History of Communication

COMS 320 Media and Empire

COMS 340 New Media

COMS 354 Media Studies of Crime

COMS 361 Selected Topics Communication Studies 1: Environmental Communication

Hourly Salary: $29.33

Total Hours of Work per Term: 180

Position Start Date: 03/01/2021

Position End Date: 17/04/2021

Deadline to Apply: 20/11/2020

If you are an INTERNAL APPLICANT (active McGill employee), login and apply through Workday, using your McGill username and password. IMPORTANT: You MUST first connect to McGill's VPN before you login to Workday (instructions on how to download VPN). Once logged into Workday, type "Find Jobs" in the Search bar. Then search for “AHCS Teaching Assistants Winter 2021”, once you have found it, you can apply directly through your Workday account.


McGill University's Manual for Submitting an Application on Workday for Internals

If you are an EXTERNAL APPLICANT (or former McGill employee - you had a job at McGill in the past that has now ended), navigate to the McGill Career website. First sign in to your candidate account or create one, as applicable. IMPORTANT: To create your account, make sure to use a personal email address (and NOT an or email address). Search for “Art History and Communication Studies Teaching Assistants Winter 2021” in the Search bar and click Apply to begin the application process.

McGill University's Manual for Submitting an Application on Workday for Externals

Important Resources for TAs


AGSEM - McGill's Teaching Support Union, for TAs and Invigilators


AGSEM Union Membership Form (pdf)

Teaching Assistant Workload Form (pdf)

Posting dates For positions held during: Posted by:
Fall Semester and Full Year courses April 30
Winter Semester October 15
Summer Semesters March 1
Deadlines are 30 days after posting. 
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