Undergraduate Courses in Communication Studies 2018-2019

Complementary courses in other departments

Fall 2018

COMS 210 (CRN 6231) Introduction to Communication Studies (3 credits), Prof. Becky Lentz, M, W, F, 16:35-17:25, SADB M-1 (in addition, 9 conferences are scheduled)

As the only required course in our minor, COMS 210 offers an introduction to the field of Communication Studies
as it is practiced at McGill. Students will be exposed to some of the major questions facing Communications Studies
scholars today, learn how to take positions in important debates, and explore emerging issues in the contemporary
media landscape.

COMS 301 (CRN 22529) Core Concepts in Critical Theory (3 credits) Prof. Darin Barney, M, W, 08;35-09:55, Arts W-215

This course will survey foundational texts and thinkers in critical social theory, as they relate to the fields of media and communication studies. This will include core texts in Marxism, the Frankfurt School, feminism, post-structuralism, post-colonialism, queer theory, indigenous thought, and critical theory of and from the global south. The course will prepare students with key theoretical and conceptual vocabularies for advanced study in the field.

COMS 310 (CRN 25742) Media and Feminist Studies (3 credits) Prof. Carrie Rentschler, T, Th, 11:35-12:55, Arts W-215


COMS 361 (CRN 25806) Selected Topics Communication Studies 1: "Communication Rights and Wrongs" (3 credits) Prof. Mark Lloyd, W, F, 11:35-12:55, Arts W-215

A survey course that explores how communications policy advances or inhibits freedom of expression and political equality through a comparative and historical examination of media and telecommunications laws and structures in the United States and Canada.  In addition to an examination of broadcast and cable regulation, the course will compare the different approaches to support for public and community media , as well as internet deployment and net neutrality.

COMS 411 (CRN 25743) Disability, Technology and Communication (3 credits) Prof. Jonathan Sterne, T, 1435-1725, Arts W-220


COMS 435 (CRN 26348) Advanced Issues in Media Governance: "Community Media from a Social Justice Perspective" (3 credits) Prof. Becky Lentz, T, 11:35-14:25, EDUC 437

Internet Governance from a Social Justice Perspective
This is an inquiry-based seminar--a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios—rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge. This type of learning is very closely related to the development and practice of thinking skills. Students will engage in original research and writing intended for publication on a contemporary topic in Internet Governance.

COMS 492 (CRN 26676) Power, Difference and Justice (3 credits) Prof. Mark Lloyd, Th, 1135-1425, Arts W-220

Course description coming soon. 

COMS 497 (CRN 10683) Independent Study (3 credits) Instructor approval required

Course description coming soon. 


Winter 2019

COMS 230 (CRN 18333) Communication and Democracy (3 credits) Prof. Darin Barney, M, T, Th, 10:35-11:25, Arts W-215

This course introduces students to a range of issues surrounding the relationship between communication, media and politics in contemporary liberal-democratic and capitalist societies. Starting from the premise that media and communication are central to the possibilities of the democratic public sphere(s), the course will critically examine the role, performance and structure of contemporary mass media, democratic governance of media and communication, and emerging political practices and selected issues surrounding digital information and communication technologies and network media.

COMS 355 (CRN 18344) Media Governance (3 credits) Prof. Becky Lentz, T, Th, 0835-0955, RPHYS 118


COMS 400 (CRN 16066) Critical Theory Seminar (3 credits) Prof. Darin Barney, W, 1135-1425, Ferrier 230

This course builds on the foundations of critical social thought to engage students in intensive study of emerging and contemporary themes in social and cultural theory related to media and communication studies. Focus will be on current texts and debates of significance in the field, and will include prominent work in areas including political economy, feminism, gender and sexuality studies, postcolonial and critical race theory, radical democracy, environmentalism, and media and cultural studies.

COMS 497 (CRN 16588) Independent Study (3 credits) Instructor approval required.

Supervised independent research on an approved topic.