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Professional Masters' Research Projects

2014 Award Winners:




First Place Second Place Third Place 
Nordic walking in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Perceptions of their employment profile for graduated rehabilitation technicians in Haiti. Effectiveness of iPad apps on visual motor skills among children with special needs between 4‐8 years: a pilot study.
Students: Stephanie Antoniades, Jennifer Chung Lim, Nikita Gandhi, Mathilde Montambault, Lisa Ricci Students: Valérie Chagnon, Eric Ellemo, Alessandra Hamelin, Philippe Morency, Katherine Samuel Students: Marie‐Elaine Bosisio, Emma Brown, Stephanie Rishikof, Elise Skaf, Xiao Ting Zhang
Supervisors: Jadranka Spahija (JRH & HOPITAL DU SACRE‐COEUR DE MONTREAL) Supervisors: Matthew Hunt, Nancy Descôteaux (SPOT) Supervisors: Franzina Coutinho, Erin Freedin, Shannon Kelly, Noemi Dahan‐Oliel (MAB‐MACKAY)